Hair Treatment Products
Renati offers a complete range of hair and scalp treatment products including:
Aromatherapy Hair Repairing Mask with 16 natural and essential oils plus vitamins and proteins to repair damaged or dry hair.
Reviving Hair & Scalp lotion to thickens, restore and rejuvenate the hair, preserving the hair you have and stimulating new hair growth.
Wipe-Out Dandruff Shampoo to nourish and moisturise your hair naturally, stimulating hair regrowth and thickening and creating hair with bounce.
Renati’s range of Hair Treatments, part of the complete hair styling and hair care range by Renati – are designed for professionals and available to you. See the rest of the range of hair treatments, or check out our Waxes, Muds and Paste Products, Shampoos and Conditioners, and Shaving Products.